Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about licensure.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + How do I request that the Board verify my NC license to another State Board?

Requests for verification must be made in writing (email is fine). Please send the request and/or form to There is not a fee for this service. Verification will be sent within 72 hours of request.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Is there a continuing education requirement?

Yes, as of July 1, 2017, NC licensed geologists are required to obtain 12 hours of continuing education (CE) each license year. CE must be completed through a pre-approved provider, or be approved by the Board. See the Continuing Ed. page of this website for more information.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + What are the basic requirements for a license?

(1) Graduation from college or university with BS degree in geology or 30 credit hours in geology of which 24 are advanced level. (2) Three years of geological experience after graduation. A master's degree in geology fulfills two years of the experience requirement. Job experience verification is required. (3) Five references from geologists or professional engineers. (4) Must pass two-part examination given by the Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG). Part one may be taken after completion of minimum academic requirements. Part two may be taken after academic requirement and requisite experience are completed.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + When is the ASBOG examination given?

Twice annually, in March and October, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + What kind of examination is it?

Multiple choice. Many of the 100 questions require calculation to arrive at an answer. Part I is fundamentals of geology; Part II is practical application of geology.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + What kinds of study material or courses are available?

No formal study materials have been suggested other than those required for undergraduate geology degrees. No preparatory courses targeting the ASBOG exam are offered by North Carolina or other state geology boards, but private groups may offer courses from time to time. None are offered currently in North Carolina. Some study material is available on the Candidate Resources page of the ASBOG website.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + When are results of the examination available?

You will be notified by mail from 6 to 8 weeks after you take the examination.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Does North Carolina grant licenses by reciprocity with other states?

Yes. Each application for comity is reviewed on a case by case basis. If you meet North Carolina's basic requirements for a license and have secured your license by the ASBOG or other acceptable test in another state, you are eligible for a license by comity.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + What other fees are applicable?

The application fee is $55. It is non-refundable but has to be paid only once for an initial license. The initial license fee is $85 and is good for one year, ending June 30.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Can I reinstate my license if it lapses?

Yes. An application for reinstatement requires a fee of $150, as well as any back renewal fees, and should be accompanied by a letter explaining why the license was allowed to lapse. In addition, you will be required to report 12 hours of continuing education hours.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + I am a licensed geologist working for a corporation. Does the corporation have to get a geology license?

Yes. Geology licenses are required for all corporations offering geological services in North Carolina. Visit the Corporate Application page for more information on obtaining a corporate license. 

Plus (click or tap to expand) + After I am licensed, what can I call myself?

You may refer to yourself as a Professional Geologist (PG) or as a Licensed Geologist (LG). Only licensed individuals may refer to themselves as geologists or any other title that implies they practice geology in any of its forms.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + How often does the Board meet to review applications and grant licenses?

Meetings are held quarterly. The Board meeting schedule can be found on the Meetings page of this website.