The North Carolina Board for Licensing of Geologists uses the national examination developed by the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG).

About the ASBOG® Examination

The ASBOG® Examination is used by 31 states and Puerto Rico as a qualification for licensure as a professional geologist. The examinations are the result of careful preparation and validation by a committee of professional geologists from throughout the nation. These geologists supply the expertise to develop fair and impartial examinations for measuring minimum competency in the profession. Examinations are given in the spring and fall of each year. The examinations are divided into two parts;

  • Part 1: Fundamentals of Geology (FG)
  • Part 2: Practice of Geology (PG)

The FG examination emphasizes knowledge and skills that are typically acquired in an academic setting leading to a baccalaureate degree. The PG emphasizes skills and knowledge acquired in a practice of job setting. 

Each exam is four hours in length and is composed of multiple choice questions. Beginning with the Spring 2023 administration, the examinations will be computer-based, given at Prometric testing centers throughout the country. 

PLEASE NOTE: Those who wish to take either portion of the ASBOG examination in North Carolina must first be approved by this Board in order to be eligible to register for the exam. See below for more information on how to apply and associated deadlines.

How to Apply

Examination candidates must be approved by this Board in order to sit for the exam(s). Examination candidates should use the Application for Individual License/ASBOG Examination, and indicate which part(s) of the examination they are applying for. 

The Board meets quarterly to review applications. All applications and supplemental documentation must be received at least 2 weeks prior to a scheduled Board meeting in order to be reviewed. See the Calendar page for upcoming meeting dates.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Part I - Fundamentals of Geology (FG)

The Fundamentals of Geology (FG) examination can be taken as soon as the candidate meets the educational requirements for licensure.

Candidates must present, along with their application, official transcript(s) indicating a degree in geology or at least 30 semester hours of completed geoscience courses, 24 of which must be upper level or graduate courses.

  • Transcripts must be sent directly to the Board office from the academic institution(s), or must be in sealed envelope from the institution. Official electronic transcripts will also be accepted direct from the institution.
  • You are not required to submit employment verifications or references if only applying for the FG.

Those who pass the FG are awarded a Geologist in Training (GIT) Certificate.  

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Plus (click or tap to expand) + Part II - Practice of Geology (PG)

Applicants for the Practice of Geology (PG) must meet the educational and experience requirements for licensure. The following criteria must be met and documented in order to be approved to sit for the PG:

  1. Degree in geology or at least 30 semester hours of completed geoscience courses, 24 of which must be upper level or graduate courses. Education must be documented with official transcripts, in a sealed envelope from the academic institution(s). Official electronic transcripts will also be accepted direct from the institution. 
  2. Five years of experience 

    a. Professional experience must be under the supervision of a licensed geologist or otherwise demonstrate responsible charge of geological work satisfactory to the Board. Professional experience must be documented by employers on the Board’s Employment Verification Form. 

    b. Undergraduate study may qualify for up to two years of experience.

    c. Graduate study may qualify for an additional two years of experience. 
  3. Five references from licensed geologists or engineers; at least two references must be obtained from licensed geologists familiar with your work. You are encouraged, but not required, to list your most recent supervisor(s) as references. Do not list relatives or persons working under your supervision. Use the Board’s Professional Reference Form.

• Individuals will not be permitted to take Part II before taking Part I of the ASBOG examination. Both parts can be taken together. 

• If you have already applied for Part I of the exam, you need not resubmit the application fee or transcripts when applying for Part II. You should submit an updated and notarized application.

Those who pass both parts of the ASBOG® examination are licensed without further review.

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How to Order the Exam

Beginning with the Spring 2023 administration, ASBOG® Examinations will be given in a computer-based format through Prometric testing centers. Exam candidates will schedule and order their examination(s) directly through Prometric. Exam registration will begin approximately six weeks prior to the exam date – all eligible exam candidates will receive notice via email from Prometric when registration opens.  Approved exam candidates may contact the Board office to verify or change their email address on file to ensure they will be able register without issue. Note that once registration has opened, new exam candidates cannot be added by this Board.

Exam candidates are encouraged schedule their test(s) as soon as possible in order to have the best choice of testing locations and time slots. Registered exam candidates will be able to reschedule or cancel their test(s) up to 5 days prior to the examination date, with a $50 reschedule/cancellation fee, per exam. (Candidates that have an emergency request for cancellation within 5 days of the exam date will be handled on a case-by-case basis.)

Special Accommodations

Examination applicants may be eligible for testing accommodations, in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Accommodation requests should be included with examination applications, when possible. Please contact the Board office for more information regarding accommodations requests.

ASBOG® Examination Schedule

  • March 12 & 15, 2024 - Registration is open for this administration. If your application has not yet been approved by the Board, you will not be eligible to take the March exam.
  • October 4, 2024 - Deadline to make application is August 1, 2024. Board meeting is scheduled for August 21, 2024. (subject to change). Registration for the October administration will open by August 26, 2024. If your application has not been approved by the Board by their August meeting, you will not be eligible to take the October exam.
  • March 21, 2025