Approved Continuing Education

CE Activities must either be approved individually by this Board or be sponsored by one of the entities on the List of Pre-Approved Providers.

Activities completed with a Pre-Approved Provider must be geological in nature. If you attend an event sponsored by one of these entities that is geological in nature, you do not need to make application for approval.  However, you are encouraged to apply for CE credit if you are unsure if an activity is sufficiently geology-focused.

If you complete a CE Activity with an organization that is not a Pre-Approved Provider, you may check the list of Approved CE Activities to see if it has already been approved, or complete a Continuing Education Approval Form to be reviewed by the CE Committee and the Board. The list of Approved CE Activities is updated as new activities are approved.  

You should retain some type of documentation of attendance/completion for all CE activities, in case you are included in the random audit of CE.