July 27, 2014

Conference Call Board Meeting (7/28/2014)

Meeting Minutes and Notes

North Carolina Board for Licensing of Geologists

Conference Call Meeting


July 28, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 am by Vice Chair Rick Kolb.  Others present included Bill Miller, John Stevens, Kenneth Taylor, Barbara Geiger, Board Administrator and Phillip Reynolds, Board Counsel.  Mr. Kolb read the conflict of interest statement.  Dr. Taylor noted that, as the State Geologist and employee of the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, he will refrain from participating in the deliberation or taking any action by the Board with respect to any application for licensing submitted by an employee of the Department.  There were no other conflicts noted.

Board members had previously received a copy of the proposed periodic rules report.  Rick Kolb, chairman of the Periodic Rules Review Subcommittee, gave an overview of the process and noted that he and subcommittee member Bill Miller had reviewed each rule to determine if it were “necessary without substantive public interest”, “necessary with substantive public interest” or “unnecessary”, as required by the Rules Review Commission and HR74.  Mr. Kolb noted that he and Dr. Miller found that all of the rules of the Board are “necessary without substantive public interest”.  In addition, Mr. Kolb noted that the post office box address and zip code are incorrect in the current rules.  Kenneth Taylor made the motion to approve the classifications as presented, to send the report to the Rules Review Commission and to move forward with the procedure for pubic comment by posting the documents on the Board website and notifying all licensees and other interested parties by email.  The motion was seconded by John Stevens and carried unanimously.

Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 10:22 am.

Respectfully submitted:

Barbara U. Geiger

Board Administrator