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Complaints and relevant documents may now be submitted online. If preferred, complaints may be mailed in. A printable complaint form is available here.


  1. This form should be used when filing a complaint with the North Carolina Board for the Licensing of Geologists (the "Board") against a geologist or firm (hereinafter "licensee") or unlicensed person acting as a geologist ("Respondent").
  2. Please fill in the information requested below. Then answer the questions and state your complaint at the bottom of this form.
  3. A summary of your complaint will be provided to the person against whom you are making the complaint.
  4. Persons who file complaints must be willing to appear as a witness, be sworn, testify and be cross-examined concerning the allegations made in the complaint.
  5. Click here. for more information about the complaint process
  6. To obtain a paper copy of the complaint form click here.


The Board investigates complaints against licensed geologists and registered geology firms accused of misconduct. If the Board finds that a licensee or registered corporation has violated the North Carolina Geologists Licensing Act or the Board's rules, it can suspend or revoke their license.

The Board cannot give legal advice or act as your attorney. The Board cannot assist in resolving dispute involving the payment of fees and the Board cannot order monies to be paid or refunded to you or contracts to be cancelled. If you have these types of problems, you should consult your own attorney.

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Person making Complaint:

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If you have additional information to document this complaint, please email it to the Executive Director or mail to P.O. Box 41225 Raleigh, NC 27629.

*By affixing my digital signature, I hereby swear that the statements made in this complaint are accurate as required by NCGS Section 89E-17(a).